Guayaba Inn - Bed & Breakfast - Hotel Boutique

Several years ago while traveling through Washington State, Kiki and I discovered a bed and breakfast in Port Angeles that was far superior to many of the five-star hotels in which we had stayed on the same trip.  Our experience at Domaine Madeleine inspired us to return to our San Cristobal and create a similar haven.  With the opening of Guayaba Inn, 
we have called on our forty years experience in the hotel and restaurant industries and our extensive travels around the world, to offer exacting comfort and personal guest attention in an intimate environment.
Guayaba Inn, a converted traditional home in the historic district of  EL Cerrillo, is located in remarkable colonial San Cristóbal de las Casas. The Inn is certainly its own relaxing destination, but it also caters to those wishing to explore Chiapas.
Outstanding orchid and bromeliad gardens wrap the Inn’s central patio in which guests may enjoy a Mexican or European breakfast.
Kiki’s original artwork and mine have been selected to accent each guest accommodation.

Gabriel Suàrez